Greg Scanlon


         Academic Background.

B.ED (Human Movement Ed.). Sydney Uni. (1987)

Cert Acu. (Japan, 1995) 

Adv.Cert.Acu. (China, 1997) 

Member—Australian Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Association, (since 1998)

Registered Acupuncturist  - Chinese Medicine Board of Australia (since inception 2013.)

Having always had an interest in sport and health, Greg began his working career as a High School PE teacher. However it didn't take long for the travel bug to bite. In 1988 he moved to Tokyo, Japan, where he lived for 8 years. He was, after some time, given an opportunity to join an acupuncture study group. Through connections he made there he was able to study and eventually become an apprentice in a busy practice over the next 4 years. He followed up with an advanced course at the Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine and became an acupuncture detox specialist at the Lincoln Hospital Recovery Centre, in the Bronx, New York. Greg has been in full time practice in Brisbane since 1998 as a member of the Australian Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Association and became a Registered Acupuncturist with  the Chinese Medicine Board of Australia, on it’s inception, in 2013.

  What Greg does.

Greg practices acupuncture, shiatsu massage and Chinese Herbal Medicine with the aim of improving health, wellbeing and quality of life for his clients. This may be to;

  • · relieve pain
  • · reduce stress
  • · improve sleep
  • · balance digestion
  • · strengthen immunity
  • · increase energy
  • · boost fertility
  • · clarify thinking
  • · help maintain balance through times of stress and challenge
  • · Help fine tune the body and mind for upcoming events

He is a service provider for all of the health funds and have a referral network that includes GP’s, physios, osteopaths, chiropractors, natural therapists and sporting clubs.


  What Greg also does. 


Because of his understanding of acupuncture and the ability to speak Japanese, Greg has in the past, been a translator for workshops and trainings run by the Toyohari acupuncture association of Japan. An association for predominantly blind practitioners whose subtle yet powerful techniques are gaining a lot of popularity in  the US, Europe and Australia.

Outside of the clinic, Greg is a father of 2 girls and has embraced endurance events as a way to stay healthy and fit. He has completed marathons, adventure races, kayak marathons and triathlons including Ironman events in 2012 and 2013.

In the community, Greg is a level 1 triathlon coach and is now the coaching director for the intraining running and triathlon club.. He also actively supports his daughters through their numerous sport, music and academic pursuits.


    Kenji Tamura Sensei

         Kenji is by nature, a quiet and reserved man, but this is what his clients have to say about him.


"Reason I went to Kenji was having had years of stress, along with adapting to huge changes in my life including loss and grief. I finally came to a stop, mentally, physically and spiritually. I needed help. 

Fortunately I met Kenji who through gentle manipulation and massage, relaxed loosened up my joints, realigned my spine and destressed and re-vitalized my body and mind.

I felt retuned and rebooted and fully alive. I found Kenji to be honourable and uniquely talented and gifted in his chosen profession.
I would not hesitate to return to Kenji for further treatment, when needed."

-M.P, Brisbane -Reiki practitioner over 20 years
"I have been to Kenji three times now. The first time I had a bad lower back and hip. For ages the pain stayed away from my lower back and hip and all these other muscles in my neck seemed to twang back into to place. The last visit I made was for my shoulders. I could hardly lift my arm, after painting the house ready for sale. The very next day after seeing Kenji my shoulders felt so much better and I can lift my arm much farther without nearly as much pain. I have been to other remedial massage and also Bowen therapy and chiropractors. I have found that Kenji's SEI TAI massage has worked the best for me. Thank you Kenji"

-Dominique T, Nudgee
"I had significant pain in my neck and shoulders after neurosurgery and had been to various practitioners without success. Kenji's massage, and the exercises he gave me to do at home, have improved the situation to the point where I now rarely have pain. I love the gentleness of the massage, but also that it's effective. Thanks Kenji!"

-John H, Red Hill
"Many thanks Kenji for keeping my sport suffering body in tune. I highly recommend anyone who has tried other methods of massage without success to give Kenji a go. the only thing you loose are your aches and pains."

-David M, Red Hill
"I did not know of Seitai before I met Kenji. I presented myself to him with a complicated medical history including post-surgical restrictions to the chest and right arm and an unrelated chronic neck and lower back condition for which I regularly see an Osteopath. Not knowing what to expect, I found the Seitai technique to be very gentle, relaxing and effective in reducing discomfort and tightness in my body. What’s more, each treatment left me feeling refreshed with a subtle sense of lightness and increased energy. Subsequently, I learned Seitai activates the natural healing power of the body quite differently than usual muscle massage. Kenji is a gifted practitioner and a sensitive and honourable man. I will miss his treatments when he moves from WA to Queensland in 2014."

-Julie M, WA
"Very professional, therapeutic, Highly recommended."

-Tanya D, WA